Photo ©Anthony Basheer

Photo ©Anthony Basheer

"BEST HOLIDAY EVER" Miles 4 years old

"So many wonderful memories our family will cherish for years to come. What a an amazing adventure!

We traveled with our two children 4 years and 7 years and the Tanzania Discovery Tours itinerary was well balanced and paced for all of us.  From the hunt with Hadzabe tribe to the game drive of the Ngorongoro crater, our kids were enthralled at every moment. Long days of game driving were made easier with the comfortable 4WDs which had power outlets and a fridge for our drinks and snacks. Our individual guides were very knowledgeable of all the wildlife and accommodating with all our needs. This tour was planned meticulously and Dianna and Isa managed to exceed our expectations with each and every activity. We had such an an amazing experience and our kids have memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. Thank you Di and Isa"

The Everingham Family 2018 Tour


Tour of a lifetime…

"Dianna and Isa were thoughtful in their approach to what was an enriching experience that balanced culture, adventure, luxury, local knowledge and professionalism. From the onset of booking the tour we found Dianna to be helpful in all aspects. Their preparation in delivering a diversity of experiences was second to none, starting from the detailed itinerary, to the prompting emails reminding us of our vaccinations, visa procedures, luggage regulations, what to pack etc made the lead up easy and hassle free.

Once in Tanzania we were delighted to be greeted by Isa and his team.  Nothing was a problem for them and their welcoming dispositions made the trip even more enjoyable. Their pride in the beauty of Tanzania was evident and they were instrumental in sharing their local knowledge and ensuring our experience was enriching and safe.

The tour was a wonderful flow of safari, cultural tours, adventure and luxury accommodation. Abundant with wildlife at all game parks, coupled with the insight of Maasai tradition, village living, local farming and an array of gourmet delights, this tour did not disappoint.

We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to tour with Isa, Dianna and the crew at Tanzania Discovery Tours. It has left us with many happy memories that we will always treasure."

Meta Georgeson & David Berns 2018 Tour
QLD, Australia

Photo ©Anthony Basheer

Photo ©Anthony Basheer

Adventure of a lifetime...

"It’s almost impossible to describe a deeply satisfying and moving experience that really was ‘an adventure of a lifetime.’ Di said Tanzania will make your heart soar. It did, many more times than once. 

Tanzania Discovery Tours was the quintessential combination of adventure, culture, luxury and learning. Di and Isa didn’t disappoint with their seamless schedule of diverse activities, local knowledge and trusted connections. Having personal tour guides was reassuring from the beginning and helped not only with flights and individual needs but also with day to day organisation and coordination. Our two tour drivers enhanced our daily experiences with their personalities and in-depth knowledge of country, cultural practices, flora and fauna. 

Di and Isa moved us through incredible landscapes, introduced us to memorable people and villages, and delighted our senses in every way, leaving enduring impressions on us all. 

Thank you Di and Isa for making my heart smile and soar!"

Kara Dunnage, 2018 Tour
QLD, Australia


An experience we will never forget...

"Together with my cousin and sister, we did the Kilimanjaro climb with Tanzania Discovery Tours in July 2018.

Isa took great care in organising all the guides, porters and support crew for our eight-day trek through the National Park via the Lemosho route. Over the eight days, we came to know and appreciate all the crew and the time we spent in their company on the mountain remains quite memorable. 

The guides were very helpful explaining the landscape and its different ecosystems along the gradual winding ascent through the national park and up to the highest camps. They were flexible and adjusted various timings on the route in order to increase our chance of success.

The climb to the summit, although not technical, proved more demanding than anticipated due to the effects of altitude. With the benefit of the guides’ support, competence and experience, we were able to overcome our difficulties to reach the summit. Consequently, the sense of exhilaration that we all felt at the peak above the clouds was truly life-changing.

By the direct daylong descent down through all the Kilimanjaro's diverse strata, we came to appreciate the power of this unique landscape with its great variety of plants and animals. 

Many thanks to Isa, Emmanuel and the crew for an experience we will never forget."

David Haertsch, 2018 Tour
NSW, Australia

The trip of a lifetime.

Travelling to Tanzania was not on my bucket list – but it should be on yours. This was truly the trip of a lifetime. I saw things I never imagined – Lions, Zebras and Elephants up close and the most beautiful, awe-inspiring landscapes. Sunset on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater left me utterly speechless and seeing a pride of lions basking and playing in the morning sun was remarkable. Dianna and Isa are the most wonderful hosts – organised, passionate and knowledgable in equal measure. In lieu of reading the full itinerary, I suggest booking the trip straight away and taking each day of this wonderful experience as it comes.

Cameron Bruhn, 2018 Tour
Victoria, Australia


What a wonderful trip we had…

“I would never have expected to travel to Tanzania, but Dianna mentioned she was going to run some tours which had a Safari in it. I said yes, had no idea what to expect and did no research and just went. I have never approached a holiday like that before. Well, I’m out the other side of my decision and it is difficult to put into words what you experience in Tanzania.

The light is soft, the people are kind, the accommodation we stayed in was just beautiful. Being on safari and up close to the animals is something that has to be experienced. I love zebra, elephants and lions the most. Seeing a male lion and his cub up close in the early morning is one of the crazy moments in life when you look at the others around you and say nothing but you are all thinking is this really happening. And those beautiful big, graceful elephants, how can you not love them. What an adventure being on Safari. It’s being a detective and adventurer, together with the sport, challenge and exhilaration of wildlife photography and establishing lovely bonds with fellow travellers.

Thank you to Dianna and Isa for putting together an extraordinarily considered program. So well balanced and something of interest to look forward to each day. I was most impressed with the choice and variety of accommodation. For me there was one stand out, staying at Sopa Lodge which sits at the top of a mountain above Ngorogoro Crater. It is the Safari Lodge that you dream about. It was pure 1970s décor and being an architectural photographer, I could barely contain my excitement. I had died and went to James Bond heaven (well that’s if Bond did go on Safari).

The day we went for a local village walk, popped into the local school and had lunch with Isa’s family was a very special day. This was one just one day which demonstrated how well Dianna and Isa successfully scripted the whole experience. Like you would do with a movie script, the ebb and flow of experience and energy was thought through every day. We were eased into the experience staying at the sublime Ngare Sero with the anticipation that it would ramp up considerably once on Safari. This was on mainland Tanzania. Toward the end of the trip there was the excitement of visiting Zanzibar and it being like another holiday in itself. Stone Town Zanzibar is fascinating. The finale is a few days on the beach in a resort doing nothing!!! The clear sky at night, the tidal patterns during the day. Reading a book and playing with the kids in the ocean.

Thanks guys, and would I have gone to Africa if Dianna didn’t suggest it? Probably not at the moment. But it happened and it was just what Dr Livingstone ordered. A good man to free the slaves in Zanzibar. Maybe that’s what Dianna and Isa offer. Free you from your life for just two weeks. We also have the opportunity to join Dianna and Isa in their generosity in helping out Isa’s local community and give back to the country that offers you so much.”

Anthony Basheer, 2018 Tour
NSW, Australia

“I had always had a deep down desire to go to Africa, but being terrible at organising time away, never thought that I would actually get there.  Thank you Dianna and Tanzania Discovery Tours for making it happen; having everything so well thought out ahead of time - visa, timetable, information about flights and etc - made it so easy to just pack a bag and go.  And now I am so glad I did, such a great adventure - a different world - everything was interesting, intriguing, real but somehow dreamlike.  Our tour felt very personal and intimate, each day was time enjoyed with a group of friends, uncrowded and unforced.  I'm sure that each person in our group experienced the tour in their own way, and we will be talking about it for years to come.”

Jane Irwin, 2018 Tour
NSW, Australia