8 Days / 7 Nights - Lemosho route
16/7/2020 - 23/7/2020

Price $3300 USD Per Person Twin Share (1-3 persons)
Price $3000 USD Per Person Twin Share (4-8 persons)
Price $2900 USD Per Person Twin Share (8+ persons)

Mt Kilimanjaro is the tallest freestanding mountain on earth. When you stand on Africa's highest peak, you see the world in a different way. The Lemosho Route is widely considered to be the best route on Mt Kilimanjaro, with 8 Days on the mountain to acclimatise your chances of reaching the summit are very high, around 90%. 

One of the most important factors for a successful summit is the knowledge and skill of your guides and support crew. Isa has successfully led teams of people up Mt Kilimanjaro for over 10 years. He is is a well respected mountain guide who will hand pick the best crew, giving you the right support to help you reach the summit. Isa has a trusted team of resilient porters, cooks and guides who led our 2018 clients all the way to the summit.

We will be on the ground personally to support you from the moment you arrive.

We are an ethical tour operator with a strong interest in empowering Tanzanian’s and pay all our staff according to the Kilimanjaro Porters Association (KPAP) Guidelines.

We also offer private treks to suit your specific travel dates and group requirements.

Photography ©Dianna Snape