Mt Kilimanjaro is the tallest freestanding mountain on earth and Africa's highest, it is nothing short of exhilarating to reach Uhuru Peak. This challenge invokes transformation that is indescribable.

We will work with you to map your journey supported by an incredible team of resilient guides and Porters, masterful chefs and SECOND to NONE mountain equipment.

Photo ©Dianna Snape

Photo ©Dianna Snape

There are SiX routes accessible to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The Marangu, Machame, and Umbwe routes approach from the south of the mountain.

The Lemosho & Shira ROUTES Approach from the west of the mountain and the Rongai route approaches from the north. 

The Northern Circuit is a route variation that begins using the lemosho route AND traverses the mountain around the quiet, LESS POPULAR northern slopes.

Each route varies in length, cost, scenery, difficulty and success rates.

Our team will guide you up the route of your choice, but for most people we recommend the Lemosho route which is incredibly scenic, spans 8 days on the mountain, has fewer trekkers and offers the best possible chance for acclimatisation.


Focused on successful summits, these are the routes we offer:

LEMOSHO | 8 Days/70km | Scenic | Gradual ascent at start | High summit success | Less traffic | Camping only
MACHAME | 7 Days/62km | Scenic | Popular Route | Steep ascent at start | Camping only
RONGAI | 7 Days/72km | Low traffic | Most remote | Gradual ascent | Camping only
MARANGU | 6 Days/82km | Ascend & descend same route | Most crowded | Huts only
UMBWE | 7 Days/53km | Steep & difficult | High risk of altitude sickness | Low traffic | Camping Only
SHIRA | 8 Days/57km | 3600m Start | High risk of altitude sickness | Low summit success | Similar to Lemosho | Camping Only
NORTHERN CIRCUIT | 9 Days/89km | Traverses northern slopes | Highest summit success | Scenic | Low Traffic | Camping Only


LEMOSHO Route | 8 Days

The Lemosho Route provides a gradual ascent and low traffic in comparison to other routes, with 8 days for acclimatisation. The scenery is incredible and trekkers of all ages regularly reach the summit with success rates at around 90%.



For those after more of a challenge, the Machame Route has a much steeper initial ascent with 7 days for good acclimatisation. Also a very scenic route and widely considered the most popular on the mountain, this route suits the more adventurous.